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The Ceylon Bird Club (CBC), from its inception in 1943, continuously published and circulated among its members a monthly bulletin, the Ceylon Bird Club Notes (CBCN). The CBCN contains sight records & observations of birds made by its members, who are skilled in bird identification during every month of the year. The CBCN also contains papers & reports on various important aspects of birds recorded in the country. All sight records are also vetted by the expert editorial board of the CBC to ensure accuracy. Over the years the CBC as well as individual members have been able to contribute much towards furthering the existing knowledge on birds that occur in the country as well as initiate or support many conservation efforts including the declaration of National Parks, Sanctuaries and Ramsar sites based on this valuable source of information which is the only such source of information in the country.

With the launch of its web site www.ceylonbirdclub.org / www.ceylonbirdclub.com the committee of the CBC, in order to disseminate these notes expeditiously among its members, has decided to make draft notes available to its membership on the web prior to its formal publication. Upon posting the notes members will receive an email alert and can use the specific user name and the password created and given by the CBC to access the notes. Upon the circulation of the printed notes the draft notes will be removed from the web.




Please do not hesitate to send a mail to contact@ceylonbirdclub.org if you are unable to recall the given user name and password to access the E-CBCN.